Service Program Highlights

• 27 LOCATIONS (27 Service locations across the state)

• 16/6 (Monday – Saturday service hours 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.)

• 15 MIN (Fifteen Minute Goal of putting a trained sprayer technician in touch with the customer/operator of being notified of a problem.)

• 2 HR (Two hour on site goal of being notified of a problem.)

• 30 PLUS (More than Thirty technicians who meet the highest technical qualifications.

• TOOLS (Service trucks that are equipped with special tools / equipment specific to sprayers.)

• PART LOCATIONS (Aggressive parts stocking throughout the state of Indiana.)

• EVERY PART (Designated New Sprayers in stock for the purpose of robbing parts not in stock.)

• COMMUNICATION (Internal communication between locations of problems/issues related to sprayers.)

Service Events & Programs

• Noblesville Operator Training

• Ag Service Provider Customer Training

• Sprayer Winter Inspection Program

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